fat transfer patient

What is the Fat Transfer Procedure?

Fat transfer is an efficient way to remove unwanted fat from one area of the body and place it into another area in need of fullness or extra curves. It is also a preferred approach for correcting some types of defects, offering long-term results. The method is highly customisable to the unique needs of each […]

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breast lift patient

What can a Breast Lift Achieve?

When women consider breast enhancement, augmentation is usually the first thing that comes to mind. While this procedure is effective in increasing the size and fullness of the breasts, it is not sufficient for raising sagging breasts to a more youthful, perkier position. A breast lift is recommended for this purpose, whether performed alone or […]

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eye lift melbourne

3 Ways You Can Benefit From Eyelid Surgery

It’s often said that the eyes are the window to your soul. Your eyes are something you show to the world every day so isn’t it important that you feel comfortable and confident about their appearance? While makeup can mask the natural look and add beauty to the eyes, it isn’t a permanent fix to […]

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liposuction patients

How Does Liposuction Work?

Life can be full of fun, outdoor activities with family and friends. Hitting the beach in the warm weather months seems to be a favorite among every generation. But when you’re uncomfortable with the way that you look, it can be embarrassing to sport revealing bikinis, tanks and shorts. In a world that seems to […]

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