neck lift patient with turkey neck

Say Goodbye to Turkey Neck

Lines and wrinkles aren’t the only ageing symptoms that cause concern. Some men and women find that skin laxity underneath the jawline, which leads to the appearance of a double chin and a turkey neck, can be just as problematic. Like facial wrinkles, there are few options short of professional treatments that will reverse these […]

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fat transfer procedure in melbourne

Fat Transfer: What You Need to Know

Fat transfer has become a popular cosmetic treatment as more people in Australia realise the double benefit of sculpting fat from one area of the body and using it to augment another. Whether you want to add natural fullness to the breasts or buttocks or simply want to shave a few years off your appearance, […]

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brow lift patient

What is a Brow Lift?

Have you noticed changes in the upper area of your face over time that make you look older than you feel? While this is a natural occurrence, it doesn’t have to be one you merely accept. Surgical procedures can often reverse signs of ageing with natural, long-lasting results. When the concerns appear to be focused […]

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breast reduction patient

Do Your Breasts Fit Your Lifestyle?

Each day you may find yourself faced with things out of your immediate control. A loved one’s illness, meetings at work or school excursions all may, on occasion, adversely affect your plans. As a result, you’ve learned to deal with whatever comes your way as bravely as possible. You may treat back pain the same […]

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