(Brazilian) Buttock Lift Melbourne

Involving liposuction and fat grafting, a (Brazilian) Butt Lift (or BBL surgery) is performed to remove excess fatty deposits and re-inject the fat into the buttocks or hips.

Your initial consultation at Ritz Plastic Surgery

During your initial consultation with Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Ritz, in Malvern, Melbourne, you will discuss what you would like to achieve with a buttock lift. Your butt lift consultation will help to assess if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure, plan the steps of your surgery, discuss what may be involved while preparing for and recovering from your surgery and discuss possible complications that can occur.

To assess your suitability for the surgery, he will ask about your medical history (such as health conditions, allergies, and any past surgery you may have had), lifestyle (such as if you are a smoker, and what you do for work and exercise), and expectations for the procedure. Discussing each of these factors will help both you and Dr Ritz decide if the butt lift is an appropriate choice for you.

If you are considered to be a suitable candidate, he can then begin to plan the details of your procedure. He will explain the different options involved with the procedure and provide advice on what approach he thinks would be best. Your procedure plan will help you understand what will be involved with your buttock lift surgery, what you can expect on the day of your procedure and what you can expect in terms of results. You will then be able to discuss the possible risks of the procedure, making an informed decision and understanding how possible complications may be avoided.

After your consultation, you will speak with his Personal Assistant Georgie, to discuss your procedure costs and the booking process. If you have any questions in the meantime, before coming in for your consultation, please get in touch with our team.

Suitable candidates for buttock lift surgery

It’s always important to ensure that you are suitable for surgery. Assessing your suitability will involve discussing your overall health, certain lifestyle factors, and procedure expectations (particularly when it comes to results). Contraindications to surgery can include certain medical conditions if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you will be unable to follow your recovery instructions for sufficient recovery. Suitable candidates will ideally have realistic expectations before undergoing the procedure.

To help assess if you are a suitable candidate for surgery, Dr Ritz will also assess the condition of the targeted area. With tailored procedure steps, the surgery can be planned according to your personal preferences. Since a Brazilian buttock lift is not designed as a weight loss procedure, suitable candidates should be at a healthy body weight and be able to maintain a stable weight both before and after the procedure.

Ensuring that you are a suitable buttock lift surgery candidate is the first step in minimising the risks associated with surgery and raising the likelihood of achieving effective results.

The buttock lift procedure

Your buttock lift surgery needs to be tailored to meet your individual needs. So, when it comes to understanding the steps of your procedure, you’ll need to discuss your procedure plan in detail during your consultation. We can provide you with generalised information in the meantime.

On the day of your surgery, you will typically need to arrive at the hospital about two hours before undergoing the procedure. You will meet with Dr Ritz again to discuss your surgery, and so that he can draw pre-operative markings where needed. You can then meet your anaesthetist, as the procedure will require the use of general anaesthesia.

During surgery, Dr Ritz will create tiny incisions in the area where the fat will be removed. After injecting a tumescent fluid into the incisions to help break down the fat, he will utilise a cannula (a narrow tube) to remove it with the assistance of a suction device. The cannula is moved back and forth carefully to target specific areas of fat and address the shape of the area. These cells will then be prepared and placed into the pre-marked areas. The procedure is relatively complex, as the fat must be harvested correctly to preserve the overall integrity of the cells. Unlike ordinary liposuction, a fat transfer should not disrupt the fat cell’s membrane and will produce living fat cells. Dr Ritz and his team will insert the live fat cells so that they can reincorporate with the soft tissues of your buttock.

You will be able to discuss where incisions will be placed, how much fat will be removed and placed, and how long the surgery may take during your initial consultation.

After the procedure, you may be monitored as you wake from the anaesthesia, but patients can then typically return home. Following recovery steps will be required to have a sufficient recovery at home, and you may need to return to the clinic for post-operative appointments.

plastic suregry icon002RECOVERY

After your procedure, you may experience swelling, pain or discomfort, and bruising around the operated area. You will wear a compression garment and may be prescribed suitable pain medication to help you manage discomfort. Bruising should subside as your body heals. If you have any concerns during your recovery, please contact our team or seek medical attention.

Since the Brazilian buttock lift surgery is usually performed as day surgery, you should be able to go home the same day to complete your recovery. You will wear a compression garment day and night for about six weeks, as it can significantly assist with healing. Your incisions may be covered in dressings, and if so, you’ll need to attend post-operative appointments to have your dressings changed. Since you won’t be able to drive for the first few days after your procedure, you will need someone to pick you up after your surgery.

If your job requires exercise, you will need to take a longer amount of time off from work. Depending on your job, you can require one or two weeks of recovery at home. Strenuous exercises, such as heavy lifting and gym workouts, will need to be avoided for about six weeks. It is a good idea to avoid excessive heat exposure (such as saunas) and keep the incision sites clean and dry. This helps to promote wound healing and prevent the chance of infection. It can also improve how scarring may appear. You might be asked to stop taking some medications or supplements to help avoid any complications with your body’s healing, particularly blood thinning medications and supplements. You will discuss what medications or supplements you are taking during your consultation.

Quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, maintaining a healthy diet and staying hydrated can also help your healing process. Smoking can raise the chance of complications occurring, so ideally, suitable candidates will quit before undergoing the procedure.

To help you understand what steps you need to take during your recovery, you’ll receive a list of instructions that consider the details of your procedure. The time that is takes to recover from a Brazilian buttock lift can differ from patient to patient, as factors such as individual healing and the complexity of the procedure will influence healing time. To be able to assess your final results, you should wait until the swelling and bruising have subsided. The time that this can take can also vary from patient to patient, but you can discuss what to expect in terms of healing time during your consultation.

Costs of a (Brazilian) buttock lift in Melbourne

All procedures performed by Dr Ritz at Ritz Plastic Surgery in Malvern, Melbourne, are tailored to the needs of each patient.

After your consultation, you will meet with Dr Ritz’s Personal Assistant Georgie to discuss the total costs of your procedure and receive a quote.

To discuss your procedure and receive your quote, please contact our team to book your initial consultation. You may also contact us if you have any questions regarding costs in the meantime.

Possible complications

Every surgical procedure can be associated with certain risks and complications, which is why it is important to disclose the potential complications during your consultation. You will also discuss how possible complications can be prevented and how certain risks can be minimised. One important step to take to minimise risks is to choose an experienced plastic surgeon, such as Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Ritz. Following your recovery instructions and any preparation instructions you may have, will also help to minimise the chance of complications occurring.

Patients can experience pain or discomfort, swelling, bruising and bleeding from the incisions. This can all be managed by following recovery instructions and reporting any concerns if needed. As for risks, the surgery can be associated with anaesthesia risks, the possibility of causing temporary or permanent numbness, and the chance of infection (such as at incision sites). Scarring, asymmetry, skin necrosis, deep vein thrombosis, fluid accumulation, and wound healing complications can also be risks of the procedure. The complications associated with surgery will be discussed in detail before undergoing your procedure.


**Individual results will vary based on factors such as genetics, age, diet and exercise. The outcomes experienced by one person do not necessarily reflect the outcomes that other people may experience.

All surgery carries risks. These risks include but are not limited to bleeding, infection, scarring, pain, numbness, and asymmetry. All surgery requires a recovery period and post operative care. This will be discussed in further detail during your consultation**

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