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    About the treatment

    A breast reduction will reduce the size of the breasts by removing glandular tissues and skin or fat that adds weight to the breasts. Along with decreasing their size, the breasts and nipple are also reshaped to look more youthful and complement the proportions of your body.
    You may desire a breast reduction if the current size of your breasts are causing severe discomfort. Back, shoulder and neck pain are common side effects of abundant breasts and can lead to poor posture, an inability to exercise and feelings of self-consciousness.

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    My surgeon is Dr Morris Ritz. He is the utmost professional, Kind, caring and listens to your needs. And unlike most surgeons, he doesn’t just care about the money either. Highly recommend him to anyone. Have already sent a few friends to see him also, and they are very very happy.

    Christine Barlow

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