recovering from a facelift

Recovering From a Facelift

It holds the windows to your soul and shows your smile to the world every day. Your face is by far the most defining characteristic you have, but visible signs of aging can cause you to feel self-conscious about its appearance. While dermal fillers and injectables are able to eliminate wrinkles and frown lines, the […]

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thermage melbourne

The Many Benefits of Thermage

Are you looking for a way to turn back the clock – not just on your face, but on your entire body? Thermage may be a fantastic solution for you. Whether you are looking to reduce the appearance of facial creases or tighten up loose abdominal skin after a body contouring procedure, this treatment offers […]

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Anti-Ageing Facial Options

Anti-ageing Options for the Face and Neck

Unless you have been drinking from the fountain of eternal youth, wrinkling, sagging and loosening of the skin on your face and neck begins to make you look tired, worn and aged. These age markers can also be exacerbated through sun damage, smoking and other lifestyle factors. The team at the Melbourne Institute for Plastic […]

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