Do Your Breasts Fit Your Lifestyle?

Do Your Breasts Fit Your Lifestyle?

Each day you may find yourself faced with things out of your immediate control. A loved one’s illness, meetings at work or school excursions all may, on occasion, adversely affect your plans. As a result, you’ve learned to deal with whatever comes your way as bravely as possible.

You may treat back pain the same way — a fact you simply have to endure. While certain types of back pain may have no easy solution, if you suspect the size of your breasts either causes or increases your back pain, a breast reduction surgery could relieve many of your symptoms.

Very Large Breasts Cause More Than Just Pain

Very large breasts can pose a number of problems. Pain, of course, tops that list. Forcing your lower back to work harder to maintain your posture will lead to pain and fatigue over time. Also, you may feel pain in your shoulders as they too try to counteract the natural forces of weight and gravity. You may find yourself avoiding activities you love or healthy exercise due to the pain or the embarrassment. Very large breasts also create other unwanted problems. You may find it difficult to find well-fitting bras, and when you do, you may still suffer from welts from your bra straps. Finding attractive clothing in your size may also seem impossible. Rather than deal with the hassle, you may wear clothes only because they fit. As a further result, you may even avoid unnecessary social interactions altogether.

Breast Reduction Does More Than Simply Reduce Pain

First and foremost, women who have breast reduction surgery will experience less pain in the lower back and shoulder area. With the weight in the chest area reduced, your back and shoulder muscles will not need to work as hard and, as a result, will suffer less pain and strain.

Pain relief, however, can have a huge impact on your mood and energy levels as well — something you will benefit from every day. You will find it easier to maintain a healthy posture, and now you can more readily participate in a wider array of physical activities.

Further, with a more proportionate breast size, you can enjoy shopping again, and even flaunt your figure instead of hiding it. Your new, positive attitude can lead to an enhanced social-life and improved intimacy as well. With less holding you back and more variety in your lifestyle, you can ultimately experience a greater sense of well-being.

Why Suffer When You Don’t Have to?

Finding balance in your life can pose a constant challenge. Pain, discomfort, embarrassment, social anxiety — or even depression — makes achieving all your goals even harder. In this light, pain relief does more than just remove a burden; it helps you honour your commitments to your loved ones and yourself. If you believe your breast size adds pain and distraction you just don’t need, a breast reduction may benefit you in multiple ways.

If you feel like you might benefit from a breast reduction surgery, or if you simply have more questions, call Dr Morris Ritz on (03) 8692 5566. During an in-person consultation, Dr Ritz can evaluate you on many factors to determine the cause of your pain and formulate a plan to help you regain your mobility, self-confidence and well-being.

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