About Liposuction

Liposuction contours your body and removes unwanted fat from specific regions. When diet and exercise are ineffective at helping you lose fat, liposuction can target local fatty areas and improve the shape of your body. This procedure is less invasive than other types of body contouring procedures, giving you a smoother profile that will be long-lasting as long as a healthy weight is maintained.

Liposuction is a way to sculpt the body but is it not a method of weight loss. In fact, most patients who undergo the procedure will maintain their same weight but achieve a more proportional figure with smoother curves in the typical problem areas. While the method permanently removes fat from the body, the fat cells that are left over can expand if you pile on the pounds after your treatment. It is essential to maintain a healthy weight after liposuction to ensure the results are long-lasting.

Initial Consultation

A consultation is an important step in determining whether the unwanted fat on your body will respond to liposuction. Dr Ritz will help you decide whether you will be able to achieve your desired results using this treatment alone or a combination of liposuction with other procedures like a tummy tuck. You will also discuss what will happen during surgery, risks associated with the treatment and what you can expect once liposuction is complete.

Once Dr Ritz examines the areas of your body that are causing you concern, he will work with you to create a plan for surgery that helps you attain your desired outcome. He will also assess your medical history to make sure you are healthy enough to undergo liposuction. You should come out of this initial meeting confident in your decision to move forward with liposuction and with a good understanding of what the procedure will entail.

Two weeks before your surgery, you will see Dr Ritz for a second consultation to discuss additional questions and review your procedure.

Liposuction is a surgical option to achieve the smoother curves you may desire. To learn more about this treatment, contact the office of Dr Ritz on 03 9508 9508.

During the surgery

You will be admitted to surgery around 30 minutes before your treatment is scheduled to begin. Dr Ritz will meet with you beforehand so that he can answer any of your questions and mark the fatty deposits being treated. You will also speak with the anaesthetist so that you understand how general anaesthesia works and the process of “going under” for your procedure.

During surgery, Dr Ritz will create tiny incisions in the area where the fat will be removed. After injecting a tumescent fluid into the incisions to help break down the fat, he will utilise a cannula (a narrow tube) to remove it with the assistance of a suction device. The cannula is moved back and forth carefully to eliminate all the desired fat and create an ideal curvature of the body. Afterward, you will be transferred to a private hospital room to recover for a few hours.


Dr Ritz will provide you with a compression garment, which you will wear for six weeks to help reduce swelling and promote healing to the treatment area. The compression garment will also provide the necessary support to create the best contour for your body. Dr Ritz will see you weekly in his office as you continue to heal, to change dressings and monitor your progress. These appointments will be your opportunity to ask any questions or share any concerns about the progress of your recovery as well.

Post operative care

For the first two weeks after surgery, you will not be permitted to drive as you will be prescribed painkillers for this period. You should use the time to rest and recuperate as much as you can. While you will be able to return to many of your activities within a week or two, it is essential that you refrain from any strenuous activity like exercise and heavy lifting for at least six weeks. Dr Ritz will advise you further on when you can add activities to your daily routine, based on your unique recovery process.


How long does the surgery take?

Liposuction typically takes about one hour to complete. The time will vary based on the number of treatment areas to address and the amount of fat you want to remove. Dr Ritz should be able to give you a more precise estimate after your initial consultation.

Can I have liposuction as a day case?

Yes, liposuction is usually performed as a day surgery, which means you can go home a few hours after your procedure. However, patients can also choose to stay in the hospital overnight if they prefer or if Dr Ritz believes an overnight would be a safer and more comfortable alternative. The choice depends on the person and can be discussed at the initial consultation.

ow long do I have to take off work?

That will depend on the type of work you do and how strenuous the level of activity you engage in daily. Most patients can head back to their jobs within one to two weeks after liposuction.

When can I drive?

You will likely have to wait to drive until two weeks after your liposuction treatment. One reason is that you may be on pain medication during that time that will make it unsafe to drive. Patients might also find that they just aren’t comfortable enough to operate a vehicle during those first two weeks, depending on the extent and location of the procedure.

How long until I can exercise?

Light exercise like walking can be started within a couple of weeks after the procedure, depending on how you feel and how fast your body recovers. More strenuous aerobic activity and strength training will probably have to wait for at least six weeks.

Does the fat come back to that area once it is removed?

You are born with a set number of fat cells, so the ones that are eliminated during liposuction will not return. However, existing ones may still expand if you gain weight after your procedure. It is essential that you maintain a healthy, stable weight after you have liposuction to enjoy long-lasting results.

How much does liposuction cost?

Liposuction prices can vary considerably, based on the treatment areas, the amount of fat to be removed, the type of anaesthesia used and the location of the treatment. Dr Ritz and his staff will be happy to provide you with a rough estimate of your liposuction cost during a phone call, and we will give you a more detailed quote at your initial consultation.

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