Need A Lift? Which Breast Procedure Is Right for You?

Need A Lift? Which Breast Procedure Is Right for You?

Your breasts make up an important part of your body contour but they don’t always take on the size and shape that you would prefer. For some, the breasts can look too small or lack sufficient fullness.

To improve the appearance of your breasts, you may have considered breast enhancement at one time or another. The use of implants or lifting the breast tissue can provide some much- needed rejuvenation that helps you feel better about your appearance.

With the customisation of breast surgery, however, it can become challenging to decide which procedure is right for you. The argument of whether you need a breast lift or augmentation may leave you confused, wondering how in-depth your surgery should be. Dr Morris Ritz can help you make that determination with a consultation and suggest which procedure will benefit you the most.

Is a Breast Lift Necessary?

A breast lift is a nice way to rejuvenate breasts that are beginning to hang lower than what would be considered natural. Natural ageing, childbirth and heredity can cause your breasts to sag, leaving them in a position that you might think is unappealing.

By lifting the breasts, you are repositioning their placement on your chest wall. As a result, your breasts look youthful, perky and healthy. If you exhibit significant skin laxity along your breasts, then a breast lift will remove the skin to improve their appearance. A breast lift will not, however, alter the size of your breasts, which is why you may consider an augmentation as well.

Do You Need Implants?

What you may believe to be cosmetic concerns about the positioning of your breasts may, in fact, have to do with their overall size and shape. If you think that your breasts are too small or lack a desired amount of fullness, then you may benefit from breast augmentation. Silicone gel or saline implants are inserted into the breasts to increase their cup size, which improves the overall contour of your body along with your self-esteem. You can choose the proper size, shape, material and placement of your implants to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Designing Your Treatment Plan

Out of the many benefits that breast surgery contains, one of the most valuable is being able to tweak the procedure to your individual expectations. Receiving one procedure over the other may not meet your treatment goals. At times, you may require both techniques to produce the enhancement you are looking for.

Breast augmentation and breast lift surgery are often combined for an optimal outcome. If your cosmetic goals include improving the size and placement of your breasts, then a lift and implants will attain the results you desire.

To help you better understand your options with breast surgery or to find out more about whether breast lift or augmentation are right for you, you can contact Dr Morris Ritz for a consultation. Together, you can discuss your cosmetic goals and determine the best treatment option. Call today on 03 9508 9508 to get started!

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