What is the Fat Transfer Procedure?

What is the Fat Transfer Procedure?

Fat transfer is an efficient way to remove unwanted fat from one area of the body and place it into another area in need of fullness or extra curves. It is also a preferred approach for correcting some types of defects, offering long-term results. The method is highly customisable to the unique needs of each patient, from the area in which the fat is removed, to the location and amount of fat to be injected back into the body. Dr Ritz is experienced in a wide range of fat transfer procedures, allowing him to use this method for buttock augmentation, breast reconstruction and a variety of additional benefits.

Initial Consultation

During your initial consultation with Dr Ritz, he will discuss the procedure with you including your pre-operative instructions and your post-operative care. You will also learn about the steps of your procedure so you know just want to expect on your surgery day. Because risks are a by-product of any surgery, these will be fully covered during your initial consultation as well. All the information is provided to ensure you are confident and comfortable with your decision to move forward with your fat transfer procedure.

Treatment Options

Although the most popular place for fat removal is the abdomen, the fat can be extracted from other areas as well. Some of these might include the back, hips, flanks and thighs. The advantage to the fat removal process is that you can efficiently eliminate stubborn areas of fat that have not been reduced by your diet and exercise regimen at this point.

Once the fat is harvested and prepared for injection, your options for this step are also numerous. Small portions may be used to enhance your facial features or to correct congenital deformities like Poland’s syndrome. Fat transfer is commonly used to add fullness and size to the buttocks, a procedure known as a Brazilian butt lift. This technique is also becoming very popular in breast reconstruction after cancer surgery, whether it is used alone combined with breast implants or a flap procedure. In addition to adding volume, fat transfer is an effective way to correct asymmetries between the buttocks or breasts, either after surgery or due to natural factors.

Are you a candidate? Most patients may be candidates for fat transfer if they have sufficient fat in one area of the body to remove and harvest. More than one treatment area can also be used for the fat removal process, to accumulate sufficient fat for the transfer. Patients should also be relatively healthy, at a stable weight and have realistic expectations of their fat transfer results.

The Fat Removal Process

Liposuction is less invasive than other methods of fat removal and body contouring. This surgery requires tiny incisions to insert a narrow cannula. The cannula loosens and suctions away the unwanted fat cells, leaving a smoother more contoured profile in its wake. After liposuction, Dr Ritz will recommend you wear a compression garment over the treatment area for a few days while the area starts to heal.

Transferring the Fat

Removed fat is processed in a centrifuge to purify it and prepare it for the injection step of the treatment. Injections of fat are strategically placed by Dr Ritz where they will produce an even, natural result.

Benefits of Fat Transfer

Fat transfer offers numerous benefits over other methods of augmentation. First, the fat that is injected is your own, so the results typically look and feel very natural. Fat transfer also produces long-lasting results that will likely extend for many years. You also enjoy the benefits of slimming down one area of the body at the same time you are adding shape and volume to another.

Fat transfer is a popular method for many different types of augmentation and enhancement today. To learn more about this procedure, contact the office of Dr Ritz on 03 9508 9508.

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