Breast Asymmetry

About Breast Asymmetry

Most women have an understanding that one developed breast will be slightly larger than the other which is completely normal. So long as any difference goes unnoticed, minor asymmetry is not a concern.

What’s abnormal is breasts that vary significantly in size, so much that bras don’t fit properly or they cause you to feel self-conscious. To remedy breast asymmetry, surgery is performed to balance the breasts on your chest.

Breast asymmetry can be corrected using several methods, including implants, reducing or lifting one breast or through fat grafting. The technique used in your case will depend on the current size of your breasts as well as your treatment goals.

Initial Consultation

Your consultation will allow you to learn more about breast asymmetry and the procedures available to treat it. Dr Ritz will also take measurements of your breasts to determine their exact variation in size.

The procedure you decide to undergo will depend on your cosmetic goals. If you desire larger breasts, then implants or fat grafting may be beneficial. There is a chance, however, that you may want smaller breasts which may require reduction surgery or a lift procedure.

Dr Ritz will talk with you about your expectations and go over the risks involved in surgery. It’s essential that you understand all of your options so that you can make a meaningful decision about how to correct your breasts.

Other points of discussing will include your medical history and any questions you may have about surgery. An initial consultation will also involve your use of the 3D Vectra imaging machine which will provide you with a three-dimensional photograph that depicts the results that you can expect to receive.

Two weeks before your surgery, you will come in for a second consultation where you will again go over the parameters of your procedure and talk about any other questions or concerns that you may have.

During the surgery

For your surgery, Dr Ritz will admit you 30 minutes to two hours before the procedure is scheduled to begin. At this time, Dr Ritz will mark the treatment area to indicate incisions and techniques he plans to use during surgery.

You will also meet with the anaesthetist who will explain exactly how you will go under for surgery. You will receive general anaesthesia which will render you unconscious for the duration of your treatment.

Dr Ritz will perform surgery based on the treatment you discussed during your initial consultation. Afterward, he will place drains to collect any fluids and close your incisions using sutures. Depending on the procedure you receive, you may be required to stay overnight in a private hospital room or you may go home once the anaesthesia has worn off completely.


If you have drains, they will need to be removed after 24 hours. Dr Ritz will also have you fitted for a specialised bra that you will wear for up to six weeks every day and night. The purpose of the bra is to support your breasts as they heal and limit any swelling. You will come in follow up appointments during this time to assess the progress of your surgery.

Post operative care

For the first two weeks after surgery, you will not be able to drive. Having a friend or family member who can assist you will make the recovery process much smoother. It’s also essential that you limit physical activity while you heal. You should refrain from rigorous exercise for up to six weeks or until Dr Ritz permits you to return to your everyday routine.

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