Breast Reduction: The Way You Were Meant to Feel

Breast Reduction: The Way You Were Meant to Feel

Nothing about your body should cause discomfort or make you feel self-conscious but that’s not always the case due to genetics, ageing or injury. Your breasts are just one feature that can disrupt your natural proportions and impact your quality of life.

When the breasts are too large, they can cause not only cosmetic concerns but also physical pain. The discomfort that you feel may prevent you from exercising, wearing certain clothing or carrying on a positive social life.

Improving the proportions of your body can, at times, be a matter of plastic surgery which can also help you feel more comfortable on a day to day basis. For ample breasts, reduction surgery will allow you to look and feel the way you have always wanted.

How Can a Breast Reduction Help?

When the breasts are too large to be supported by the rest of your body, they can create severe pain. Some of the most common signs that your breasts are too heavy include the amount of strain you feel on your back and shoulders.

Abundant breasts can affect your posture and make it difficult to find bras that fit properly. Hygiene may also be more difficult and you might have trouble exercising if the excess tissue prevents you from moving correctly.

With surgery, however, the breasts are reduced to align with your natural shape and size. The additional weight will be gone and you will experience a freedom that you may not have known otherwise.

What Does Surgery Entail?

Breasts can be too large due to excess fat, glandular tissue and skin that adds weight. Surgery aims to remove the unnecessary mass to produce breasts that are attractive and functional.Typically, the surgery will include an incision around the areola and down the breast crease which will give Dr Ritz access to underlying tissues. Once exposed, fat and tissue are removed and any additional skin is trimmed to reposition the breasts on the chest. The nipple and areola are also moved if they pointed downward prior to surgery.

What Benefits Can You Expect?

Due to the amount of tissue removed from your breasts, you should notice your results immediately but if may take some time for you to heal fully and enjoy their appearance.

With the added weight gone, your posture should improve which should also place less strain on your back and shoulders. You will also have an easier time finding bras that fit and will not have to suffer the discomfort from bra straps that dig into your skin.

Best of all, you will regain movement throughout your body, making it easier to play sports or exercise on a daily basis. Clothes will also look more flattering and you may find that you enjoy shopping for blouses that complement your physique rather than hide it.

Each of these benefits will contribute to an overall boost in confidence and allow you to take pride in your appearance. If you would like more information about breast reduction or to find out whether the surgery is right for you, contact Dr Morris Ritz on (03) 5213 7975 and schedule a consultation.

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