Where can I get a nose job?

Where can I get a nose job?

You may find it just about impossible to hide, disguise or avoid concerns you have with your nose. Even if friends and loved ones tell you they don’t see a problem, you may struggle with the constant reminder that your nose simply does not reflect you or the image you want to present.

Whether you have always felt uncomfortable with aspects of your nose, or you’ve simply had an accident, you don’t want to live with these insecurities for very long. Thankfully, today’s rhinoplasty procedures can address many of the most common concerns individuals have with this facial feature.

Since plastic surgeons do not come in one-size-fits-all varieties, however, you will want to assess many factors before having your procedure. The following points may give you additional things to consider and questions to ask as you begin to select your surgeon.

Rhinoplasty Has Its Risks

While thousands successfully have rhinoplasty each year, all surgeries have inherent risks. Rhinoplasty, in particular, could affect the way you breathe. The procedure could improve your breathing if you suffer from problems, but a poorly performed surgery could also have unwanted effects.

Also, you face the risk that your surgery may not solve your aesthetic concerns, but instead contribute to them. While most patients enjoy their new look, a percentage may not agree with the outcome. Keep these issues in mind as you look for a qualified, experienced and tasteful plastic surgeon.

Results Will Not Show Immediately

It may take only a few of days to see your splints come off, but your recovery will likely take weeks. Like many processes, it will likely get worse before it gets better. You will experience managed, if moderate, pain, swelling, bruising, breathing difficulties and discomfort. These natural results of surgery will slowly subside leaving behind, in most cases, a much improved facial feature.

Further, it may take 12 or even 15 months until all aspects of your surgery have healed, and you can truly see the final results. If you have surgery, don’t make up your mind about the results until they have completely resolved themselves. Plus, it will take you some time to get used to your new look, even if you have carefully selected it.

Since this plastic surgery requires significant trust, ensure that your surgeon can give you as much information as possible about your final look in advance. For example, see if your surgeon can provide you with digitally enhanced or 3D images of the results you can expect before your surgery.

Rhinoplasty — a small surgery with a huge impact

While your surgeon will augment only a small area during your rhinoplasty procedure, the results of your surgery will have a huge impact on how you will look and feel. As you search for a plastic surgeon, you will want to select one who fully understands the look you want to have and how that will affect your overall well-being. The plastic surgeon you choose should heavily factor your needs and desires into the surgery you have. After all, it’s your look!

Select a Partner, not a Surgeon

A surgeon’s experience and your faith in both their ability and their understanding of your needs will strongly inform your decision-making process. You likely don’t want to take a risk with a decision as important as this. Take your time, get as much information as possible and trust your instincts. You don’t want a surgeon; you want a trusted partner throughout your surgical experience.

While many surgeons in the Melbourne area offer rhinoplasty, Dr Morris Ritz has satisfied countless patients’ rhinoplasty needs for nearly 30 years. Patients in the Melbourne area in need of a rhinoplasty or other plastic surgery procedure can rely on Dr Ritz to address their concerns, whatever they may be.

If you have questions about whether rhinoplasty can resolve concerns you have with your nose, or if you wish to explore other options, call Dr Morris Ritz on (03) 9508 9508. Dr Ritz can provide you with a full analysis based on his nearly 25 years of experience treating patients concerned with this facial feature, and create a plan for you to look your best.

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