Why Liposuction Can Help You Achieve a Fresh Start

Why Liposuction Can Help You Achieve a Fresh Start

Many people seeking a more fit physique find that fat deposits in places like the lower abdomen, outer thighs, buttocks and backs of the arms are particularly hard to lose. You’re working hard to get in shape, but you can’t seem to achieve the body you want—this can be disheartening. If you’ve reached a standstill in your mission to lose fat, liposuction might be a solution: removing those last few pockets of fat can give new life to your enthusiasm for staying healthy.

Storing Fat for Survival

The human body is specially adapted to store fat in certain places. This mechanism is a remnant of ancient times when it was important to keep reserves of energy and extra warmth for long treks and winters. Women in particular often struggle to lose the last visible stores of their body fat because they may have needed reserves to account for pregnancy or breastfeeding. Since ancient humans were constantly on the move and often eating sparsely, these reserves are designed to hold on to fat even after months and years of a controlled diet and regular exercise. While these fat-storing areas may have been a boon for our ancestors, they are often totally frustrating by today’s health and lifestyle standards.

Have The Body You’ve Always Wanted

These reserves of fat are ideal for liposuction because they are distinct sections of body fat that can easily be removed with liposuction tools without damaging surrounding tissues. Liposuction is first and foremost a fat removing, body contouring procedure: it can eliminate trouble areas of fat and reshape your body to be more proportional or aesthetically pleasing. An example of a good candidate for liposuction might be a man with excess tissue around his pectoral muscles, resulting in male breasts; or a woman with or extra fat on her thighs and buttocks, causing love handles or hip dips. Liposuction can be the boost your body needs to achieve a flat stomach, sculpted arms or an hourglass figure if your body tends to carry extra fat in those areas.

No More Disappointment

For many people who find their hopes for a fit body impeded by stubborn lumps of fat in unwelcome places, liposuction can be the key to confidence and a fresh start on your journey towards a long-term healthy lifestyle. It’s easy to be discouraged and fall back into bad diet and exercise habits when you don’t see the results you want. But when you feel good about how your body looks, you are more likely to take measures to keep it that way. Also, remember that liposuction is not a permanent solution—it removes oversized fat cells but does not prevent cells that remain from expanding. Cosmetic surgeons who perform liposuctions, Dr Ritz included, highly recommend supplementing your liposuction with a continued plan to help keep the newly sculpted areas in the shape you want. A liposuction procedure is a great excuse to revive an old health regimen or kick-start a new one, giving your healthy lifestyle a fresh start.

If it’s time for you to get your body into the shape you deserve, call Dr Ritz today on (03) 8692 5566. We are here to answer any further questions you may have about our liposuction procedure or to set you up with a consultation.

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